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Latest Juniper JN0-347 Dumps

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Number of exam questionsExam nameFromRelease time
15Enterprise Routing and Switching, Specialist (JNCIS-ENT)Lead4PassMar 13, 2022
New Question 1:

Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit, Router-1 and Router-2 are failing to form an IS- IS adjacency. What should you do to solve the problem?

new jn0-347 dumps questions 1

A. Change the IP subnet masks to match on the ge-0/0/2 interfaces of both routers.

B. Change the ISO areas on the Io0 interfaces to match on both routers.

C. Remove the ISO address fromge-0/0/2 on Router-1

D. Remove the overloaded statement from Router-1.


Correct Answer: C

There are two interfaces with ISO addresses on Router-1, and they have different area IDs, 002 and 003. Only one interface on Router-1 need to have an ISO address.

New Question 2:


Click the Exhibit button. Your router is configured to peer with your ISP\’s router using BGP. You can only control your BGP configuration. Which address families are negotiated between the two BGP peers shown in the exhibit?

new jn0-347 dumps questions 2

A. inet-vpn-unicast

B. inet-unicast inet-vpn-unicast 12vpn

C. inet-unicast inet-vpn-unicast 12vpn-signaling

D. inet-unicast


Correct Answer: D

From the exhibit we see: NLRI for restart configured on peer: inet -unicast inet-vpn-unicast 12vpn but we also see: NLRI that restate is negotiated for: inet-unicast NLRI of received end-of-rib markers: inet-unicast NLRI of all end-of-rib markers sent: inet-unicast

New Question 3:


Referring to the exhibit, you want router A to have an EBGP peering with router C. They are both connected through router B, which does not have BGP running, and has static routes configured.

new jn0-347 dumps questions 3

What must be configured in the EBGP peer groups on routers A and C to make this connection possible?


B. multihop

C. multipath

D. next-hop


Correct Answer: B

New Question 4:


You are a service provider and have multiple customers in a building. You are installing a new switch that can host all of your customers. However, you would like to ensure that one customer cannot see or broadcast to another customer. You would also like to have them use a common gateway IP address from the building. What should be used to provide this access?


B. private VLAN

C. filter-based VLAN

D. Layer 2 tunneling


Correct Answer: B

New Question 5:


Click the Exhibit button.

new jn0-347 dumps questions 5

You are troubleshooting an IS-IS adjacency problem as shown in the exhibit. Which action would solve the problem?

A. Configure matching authentication keys.

B. Configure the INET6 family for the loopback interface.

C. Configure the ISO family for the loopback interface.

D. Configure matching area IDs.


Correct Answer: D

New Question 6:


Which mechanism is used to share routes between routing tables?

A. filter-based forwarding

B. forwarding instances

C. RIB groups

D. routing instances


Correct Answer: C

A RIB group is a way to have a routing protocol, in most cases, places information in multiple route tables.

New Question 7:


What are two types of IS-IS PDUs? (Choose two.)

A. open PDU


C. hello PDU

D. link-state PDU


Correct Answer: CD

IS-IS hello (IIH) PDUs broadcast to discover the identity of neighboring IS-IS systems and to determine whether the neighbors are Level 1 or Level 2 intermediate systems. Link-state PDUs contain information about the state of adjacencies to neighboring IS-IS systems.

New Question 8:


Click the Exhibit button.

new jn0-347 dumps questions 8

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A. All traffic destined to the subnet will be discarded.

B. SSH traffic received from host IP will be accepted.

C. Any traffic not matched by one of the terms will be discarded.

D. ICMP echo requests destined to will be accepted.


Correct Answer: CD

New Question 9:


Which two values are used to generate a bridge ID when using STP? (Choose two.)

A. system MAC address

B. bridge priority

C. port identifier

D. loopback IP address


Correct Answer: AB

New Question 10:


Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit, which type of route is displayed?

new jn0-347 dumps questions 10

A. generate.

B. martian

C. aggregate

D. static


Correct Answer: C

From the exhibit, we see: Contributing Routes Note: Route aggregation allows you to combine groups of routes with common addresses into a single entry in the routing table.

This decreases the size of the routing table as well as the number of route advertisements sent by the routing device. An aggregate route becomes active when it has one or more contributing routes. A contributing route is an active route that

is a more specific match for the aggregate destination.

New Question 11:


Which two statements are true about nonstop bridging (NSB)? (Choose two.)

A. NSB does not require all participating Routing Engines to run the same version of the Junos OS.

B. NSB can be enabled under the protocols layer2-control hierarchy.

C. NSB requires you to configure graceful Routing Engine switchover (GRES).

D. NSB does not require you to configure graceful Routing Engine switchover (GRES).


Correct Answer: BC

New Question 12:


Which LSA type describes the router ID of ASBR routers located in remote areas?

A. Type 4

B. Type 5

C. Type 3

D. Type 7


Correct Answer: A

New Question 13:


Click the Exhibit button.

new jn0-347 dumps questions 13

What will be two results of the OSPF configuration shown in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

A. A default route will be advertised into Area 1 as a Type 7 LSA.

B. Area 0 will not generate summary LSAs for networks in Area 1.

C. There will be no Type 3 LSAs in Area 1.

D. Only Type 7 LSAs will be present in Area 1.


Correct Answer: AB

New Question 14:


Click the Exhibit button. Given the configuration shown in the exhibit, what will be the threshold for storm control?

new jn0-347 dumps questions 14

A. 100 Kbps (kilobits per second)

B. 100 Mbps (megabits per second)

C. 100% (percent of link bandwidth)

D. 100 pps (packets per second)


Correct Answer: A

This example shows how to configure the storm control level on interface GE-0/0/0 by setting the level to a traffic rate, of 000 Kbps, based on the traffic rate of the combined applicable traffic streams. To configure storm control: Specify the traffic rate in Kbps of the combined traffic streams on a specific interface: [edit ethernet-switching-options] user@switch# set storm-control interface GE-0/0/0 bandwidth 15000

New Question 15:


What types of authentication are supported in Junos for OSPF?

A. Simple password

B. MD5 checksum

C. Hitless key chain of MD5 keys/checksums

D. All of the above


Correct Answer: D


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