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Part of Juniper JN0-451 exam questions online practice test:

FromNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Lead4Pass13Mist AI – Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI)JN0-451

What is meant when a Marvis Action is shown as “AI Validated”?

A. The issue which triggered an alert has been set to Resolved status.
B. Marvis has observed a new issue.
C. Marvis has observed a recurring issue.
D. Marvis has observed an issue that is no longer present.

Correct Answer: D



Which two Mist Aps would be used for the BLE location? (Choose two.)

A. AP12
B. AP33
C. AP32
D. AP43

Correct Answer: BD


Which two authentication methods would be used with a guest portal? (Choose two.)

A. social login
B. external portal
D. Kerberos

Correct Answer: AB


A retail customer has legacy 2.4 GHz scanners that need to connect to the WLAN, but they are not connecting.
Which WLAN data rate setting is required for these devices to connect?

A. Custom Rates
B. Compatible
C. High Density
D. No Legacy

Correct Answer: B


When does a Mist AP actually begin transmitting BLE?

A. When it is claimed and placed on a site.
B. When it is placed on a floor plan.
C. When BLE is enabled at the Organization level.
D. When BLE is enabled for the AP.

Correct Answer: D



Click the Exhibit button.

Latest juniper jn0-451 exam questions 6

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A. The organization has one available license for Marvis Wireless.

B. The organization has two available licenses for Marvis Wireless.
C. The organization is using one license for Marvis Wireless.
D. The organization is using two licenses for Marvis Wireless.

Correct Answer: AD


Referring to the exhibit, you asked Marvis to troubleshoot a client. In this scenario, what did Marvis determine?

Latest juniper jn0-451 exam questions 7

A. two authentication failures over this week
B. two DHCP failures today
C. DHCP errors over the past seven days
D. two authentication failures today

Correct Answer: A



You are deploying three WLAN 2.4 GHz networks in your US-based site. You must ensure that each network frequency
is unique and does not overlap with the other frequency channels. In this scenario, which three OFDM channels should
be used? (Choose three.)

B. 1
C. 3
D. 6
E. 13

Correct Answer: ABD


Which Wireless Assurance SLE provides information on Opportunistic Key Caching (OKC)?

A. Time to Connect
B. Roaming
C. Coverage
D. Capacity

Correct Answer: B



Which two statements are correct about channel bonding? (Choose two.)

A. Bonding two channels together doubles the available bandwidth.
B. Bonding two channels together doubles the required device resources.
C. Bonding two channels together doubles the noise floor.
D. Bonding two channels together doubles the number of available channels.

Correct Answer: AC



Which modulation method will result in the highest theoretical data rates?

A. 64 QAM
B. 16 QAM


Correct Answer: A


Click the Exhibit button.

Latest juniper jn0-451 exam questions 12

Users are occasionally having problems connecting to the Internet using Wi-Fi. You suspect possible interference from
a neighboring Wi-Fi network.

Referring to the exhibit, which Wi-Fi Assurance SLE and classifier would provide information about this issue?

A. Throughput and Network Issues
B. Capacity and Non-Wi-Fi Interference
C. Coverage and Weak Signal
D. Capacity and Wi-Fi Interference

Correct Answer: D


Once a client discovers an access point, what is the correct order of steps for successful 802.1X authentication?

A. Open System Authentication -> 802.1X Authentication -> Association
B. Association -> 802.1X Authentication -> Open System Authentication
C. Association -> Open System Authentication -> 802.1X Authentication
D. Open System Authentication -> Association -> 802.1X Authentication

Correct Answer: D

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