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Latest Juniper JN0-1101 Dumps

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Number of exam questionsExam nameFromRelease time
15Juniper Networks Certified Design AssociateLead4PassMay 28, 2022
New Question 1:

Which component triggers the quarantine of an infected endpoint?


B. firewall

C. Policy Enforcer

D. switch


Correct Answer: C

New Question 2:


You are asked to evaluate a WAN design for a corporation with a focus on cost, security, and the ability to have direct adjacencies between your remote sites. Which two solutions would meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

A. MPLS Layer 3 VPN

B. GRE tunnels over the Internet

C. VPLS Layer 2 VPN

D. IPsec tunnels over the Internet


Correct Answer: CD

New Question 3:


You are asked to provide a design proposal for an enterprise customer that currently has a three-tier switching infrastructure. The customer wants your design to collapse their Layer 2 infrastructure into two distinct layers. In this scenario, what are the two benefits of moving to the new infrastructure? (Choose two.)

A. The total number of devices is increased.

B. The overall network performance is increased.

C. The number of connections between devices is decreased.

D. The number of protocols used is decreased.


Correct Answer: BC

New Question 4:


Click the Exhibit button.

new jn0-1101 dumps questions 4

Referring to the exhibit, you are designing a Layer 2 data center and you want to make sure that all the links between the access tier and the aggregation tier are used. What should you do to accomplish this task?

A. Use VRRP on Agg-1 and Agg-2.

B. Place Agg-1 and Agg-2 in a Virtual Chassis.

C. Use RSTP on all devices.

D. Use BGP load balancing on all devices.


Correct Answer: B

New Question 5:


What is the first step of business continuity planning?

A. know your network

B. test the plan

C. assess the risk

D. formulate the plan


Correct Answer: A

New Question 6:


What are two features used to enable high availability? (Choose two.)


B. chassis clustering

C. full-duplex mode



Correct Answer: AB

New Question 7:


What are three examples of physical security? (Choose three.)

A. security cameras

B. access door keypads

C. a mantrap

D. man in the middle

E. intrusion detection and prevention


Correct Answer: ABC

New Question 8:


Which two statements are true regarding greenfield projects? (Choose two.)

A. The amount of floor space and cooling are not defined as part of a greenfield project.

B. In greenfield projects, the existing floor space, and cooling may need to be considered.

C. Greenfield projects are typically new networks with few or no restraints to consider.

D. Greenfield projects typically consist of existing network components with extensive integration required.


Correct Answer: AC

New Question 9:


Which two pieces of information should be included in an RFP response? (Choose two.)

A. a list of contributing material including technical publications, training guides, and courseware used to build the proposed design

B. design details including information about the devices, protocols, and technologies included in the proposed design

C. configuration details including proposed devices, protocols, and technologies included in the proposed design

D. a network topology including a high-level logical design as well as a low-level physical design of the proposed network


Correct Answer: BD

New Question 10:


What are three environmental characteristics that affect the campus network design? (Choose three.)

A. transmission media characteristics

B. distribution of users

C. locations of wiring closets

D. PC operating system

E. remote site connectivity


Correct Answer: ABC

New Question 11:


You are required to stop zero-day threats while designing a secure network. Files are not allowed to leave the local network. Which Juniper Networks product will accomplish this task?


B. Sky ATP




Correct Answer: B

New Question 12:


What are the three components of an RFP? (Choose three.)

A. general information about the existing network environment

B. a list of devices to meet the design requirements

C. a list of design requirements

D. a list of available IP addresses within their current IP allocation

E. the types of solutions that the design must include


Correct Answer: ACE

New Question 13:


What are two requirements that every RFP response should include? (Choose two.)

A. a support plan that includes details about servicing the components once operational

B. a detailed competitor comparison document that indicates the proposed design is the least expensive option

C. a detailed forecast of exception handling after the design has been implemented and is operational

D. an implementation plan that includes a description of how the design will be implemented


Correct Answer: AD

New Question 14:


You are asked to provide a WAN design proposal for connecting together multiple customer sites. As part of your design, you want to use IPsec tunnels to ensure that traffic is private and secure. Which statement is true about the proposed solution?

A. IPsec packets can be fragmented once encrypted.

B. IPsec tunnels will require an MPLS infrastructure through the WAN.

C. IPsec can require MTU modifications to accommodate the additional overhead.

D. Packets that are passed through an IPsec tunnel are not encrypted.


Correct Answer: C

New Question 15:


Which compliance standard must be taken into account when designing a network that will be handling credit card transactions?






Correct Answer: B


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